• Welcome to the Margins

    "By virtue of the Creation, and, still more, the Incarnation, nothing is profane for those who have eyes to see." -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

    Here you'll find dispatches on things, trust, and serving the living God. These reflections from an outside perspective some might call alien. Hopefully, it means we're more than a little uncomfortable in our own world. That just means we are looking forward to something more...

  • Liturgical Season

    Ordinary Time (or the Season after Pentecost)
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Walk Like An Egyptian

.@EldestHale @MiddleHale in an ancient Egyptian procession with King Tut. #halefam Advertisements

The Road and Home

Glad to be off the road, for a few days at least, & back home in #Nacogdoches

Leaving on a jetplane

Dad & Elissa’s flight leaving LBB this afternoon. #halefam @pressgram

68 Mustang

Pretty much the only thing I would want of my granddad’s. Learned to drive looking at this.

The Hales of my youth

The Hales—my family & my grandparents—circa 1989. Vintage #halefam

Sleepy Guy

Hate to leave this guy tomorrow. Loads of sleepy cuteness. @NewestHale #halefam

Con Watching

Riding glass elevators with @EldestHale @MiddleHale & enjoying @spacecitycon from above.

Giraffe Boy

Rocking it giraffe-style with @NewestHale in the morning @texaschildrens


Looks like @NewestHale enjoyed the prescription medication 🙂 Recovering well!

Waiting Room Reading

“You get what anybody else gets. You get a lifetime.” @neilhimself #Sandman #Death