1.  A former player or coach for the New England Patriots. Drew Bledsoe or Charlie Weis.
2.  A stream-oriented XML parser. It’s very fast, and it also sets a high standard for reliability, robustness and correctness. [Not unlike myself, really…]
3. One who has taken up residence in a foreign country. An expatriate.

The Cliffs of Dover
The Cliffs of Dover

How do you think about yourself as a person of faith? I’d like to suggest that it would be profitable to consider a life of faith as similar to living as an expatriate. Where you live isn’t your home. (If you’ve never lived abroad, I highly recommend Sting’s An Englishman in New York as an excellent musical meditation on this kind of life.) It’s a beautiful and distressing life. Why does this expat perspective mean so much to me? Read the story.

And now, perhaps you want to know more about me…well, in less than 140 characters: Husband, dad of 2 cutest kids ever, pastor, backpacker, baseball fan, avid reader, scifi nerd, music lover, practicing theologian, blogger.

So join me and discover more about our true home.


You have made us for yourself, O God,
and our hearts are restless
until they find their rest in you.

(St Augustine of Hippo)

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