Thanksgiving is a great festival of memory: it is not that we in general lack blessings, only in remembering them. One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories was celebrating it abroad, with friends who were also participating in the British-American Ministry Programme in 2005. I’m thankful for these friends (Mollie, Mindy & Ted, Sara, & more) … Continue reading

Rievaulx Abbey

Yesterday was the feast day of St Aelred of Rievaulx; you can read about his monastic leadership and reflections on love and friendship here. I had the good fortune to visit Rievaulx Abbey (Yorkshire, UK) on a snowy evening in late December 2005, and took this picture, which might just be my favorite from that … Continue reading


Flipping through the wonderful new handbook from United Methodist Communications, I was impressed again by how much ministry our church does with so many people in so many places. The handbook does a great job of putting into words and images the scope of ministry (and structure!) in which our denomination engages. (I’m even in … Continue reading

Hugh of Lincoln

Reflecting on the life of Hugh of Lincoln (November 17), and learning lessons from this lesser-known saint: wisdom, creativity, good stewardship, faithfulness, and justice.

Difficulties in Greenhouse Construction

Authentic communication of the Gospel today is challenged both by the lack of public space and by the inability to shape intimate spaces into graced responses.

Greenhouses for Discipleship

Where are the “discipleship greenhouses” today, in which hardy and quick-growing varieties of disciples could be nurtured and then re-introduced into the native environment to strengthen those around them?

Brother Roger (August 16)

Brother Roger at Prayer, 2003 Four years ago today, Christie, Ben, and I got off the airplane in England: our home for a year. As we had lunch with one of my colleagues in our new kitchen just a few days later, Sara shared that Brother Roger, the founder and leader of the Taize Community … Continue reading

Why "Expatriate Minister?"

It seems like an odd handle or moniker to choose for my blog, now 4ish years after I started…and it’s trickled out to other places on the web, notably Twitter. Yet I still think it’s worthwhile to consider myself an emigre clergyperson. Here’s why. As I graduated from Candler School of Theology (Emory U., Atlanta) … Continue reading

Why Do I Wear A Collar?

I get really funny looks when I go places on campus, because I’m usually wearing my clerical collar. (I get really funny looks from the good Methodists in this part of Texas, too.) No, I’m not Roman Catholic…so why do I wear the collar? You might blame it on the fact that I most recently … Continue reading

Josh in Epworth