Envisioning Campus Ministry Anew

In yesterday’s post I talked about giving up our Babylon-like assumptions about how campus ministries might work, and focusing on what we might call the Israel model: a smaller community, dedicated to the highest ideals of faithfulness to God’s calling and mission. But this means quite a bit of adjustment about how we might go … Continue reading

What’s our story in campus ministry?

One of the best resources I’ve used so far in campus ministry is Sean Gladding’s The Story of God, the Story of Us which has just been published by IVP; I’ve used it 3 times in its manuscript form after Sean was kind enough to email it to some of us who asked after hearing … Continue reading

What are Campus Ministries?

I am not sure I’m even an average campus minister. To look at the statistics, Lamar’s Wesley Foundation isn’t doing great in my 5th year. Better than when I got here, sure: building gutted, zero program and students, poor relationship with the university and area churches, & a board of directors which was outdated and … Continue reading

What would you teach your leaders?

I’m putting together a leadership curriculum for the student leaders in my campus ministry. For good or for ill, I’m staying away from how-to books (though there are some good ones) and instead provoking a deeper level of reflection about servant-leadership and Christian formation. Here’s what I’m toying with (yes, I know it’s a long … Continue reading

The Long-Expected Call

On the Road to Emmaus My call story is different from most people’s. I like to say that while many Christians and pastors have “Damascus road” experiences–while on the road to the wrong place with wrong intentions, suddenly experiencing the power of the risen Christ in blinding light and booming voice–my journey of faith & … Continue reading

Starting Again

Well, it hasn’t gone all that well. Me writing for this blog, that is. So, let’s try it again. I’ll write more consistently this fall. I hope that means we’ll be thinking together about faith, and doing more than thinking–actively living it out. I’m pretty jazzed about the upcoming year–I think we will find God … Continue reading

Why Do I Wear A Collar?

I get really funny looks when I go places on campus, because I’m usually wearing my clerical collar. (I get really funny looks from the good Methodists in this part of Texas, too.) No, I’m not Roman Catholic…so why do I wear the collar? You might blame it on the fact that I most recently … Continue reading

Archive Migration

Well, as the summer progresses I’m doing a bit of maintenance on our web presence, which includes the Wesley Student Center at Lamar University blog. I’m starting over there, but I’m going to re-post some old material here. Low-budget migration. Anyway, look for few more posts to show up here with some older material. I’ll … Continue reading