Brief Primer in Pediatric Cardiology: A NewestHale Update

Well, Tuesday’s surgery was a success by everyone’s high standards and Tim is raring to get off the breathing equipment and pain meds so he can go back to the posh life of a NICU baby. But why, you wonder, was surgery required? Was it really open heart surgery? Was Meredith Grey actually on Tim’s … Continue reading

NewestHale update: it’s not Monday anymore

So, that was not one of our better Mondays. Today is Tuesday, from the Latin for “What happened yesterday? Let’s not do that ever again.” What? That is totally true. Briefly, here’s the game plan: surgery in about half an hour (8 am Central). The chief of surgery here will do the procedure, which has … Continue reading

NewestHale update and prayer request

Breaking my longstanding tradition of not using my kids’ real names on open social media channels here so y’all can pray: Timothy Davis Hale. Thanks. TIM UPDATE: After running some tests over the last few days, it was discovered that Tim’s artery, where it leaves the heart, is too narrow. This requires surgery which the … Continue reading

One Full Week of Newest Hale

This time last week, Christie was being wheeled into the OR & I was putting on my fashion-forward surgical gown & hat, not knowing whom I would get to meet. It’s been pretty crazy since then, but we’re thankful that our new baby boy is doing very well. He’s continuing to eat like a Hale, … Continue reading

Birthday wrap-up

Well, I know you all are dying for another Lent post, but I thought I’d go a bit lighter today. I’m now solidly into my 30s thanks to my birthday yesterday. And I have to admit that I’m really enjoying this season of my life. To show you why, I made a little “Top 10” … Continue reading

Brief Delay – Bible in 90

Just a brief note to say that while I’m at a retreat/continuing ed event & don’t have wifi, I won’t be blogging daily. I’ll still be writing, they just won’t get posted till Sunday. See you then!

Further Adventures in Blogging

Good day, expat companions! You may have seen some of my shameless self-promotion over the past week or so, but in case you missed it, here’s the big news: I’ve got a new blog! Kate Shellnut approached me about blogging for the Houston Chronicle’s online religion portal, HoustonBelief. After conversation, some advice from fellow community-religion-bloggers … Continue reading

Brief hiatus

You may have noticed that my blog-writing’s slowed a bit recently. I’ve been on leave since Sam was born almost a month ago, and will continue to be for a few more weeks. While I’m doing more reading (poetry, fiction, some theology) I just can’t type well with a newborn in my arms, or while … Continue reading

Samwise the Brave

Well, if you haven’t heard already, Hale #3 arrived yesterday at 11:58 am. Samuel Wayne Hale was born 6 lbs, 1 oz, and 19 1/4 inches long. He’s an exceptional young man! He tests well already, having passed both Apgar and hearing tests with flying colors. He’s working on being a regular Hale, eating well … Continue reading

Church Draft Roundup

Well, the books are closed on the Ecclesiastical Draft for 2010. My completed draft board looks like this: Rd 1: Ignatius of Loyola Rd 2: Gregory the Great Rd 3: Phoebe Palmer Rd 4: Julian of Norwich Rd 5: JRR Tolkien Rd 6: Janani Luwum Rd 7: the Alexandrian Washerwoman I’m exceedingly pleased with the … Continue reading