Courage: Hearn Lecture by Bishop Huie

I had the pleasure this evening of getting to hear Bishop Janice Riggle Huie speak at First UMC Beaumont as a part of the Hearn lecture series. It appears that she spoke this morning to the congregation on “Connection,” and this evening’s reflection on “Courage” focused on the story of Paul, Silas, and Jason in … Continue reading

The Long-Expected Call

On the Road to Emmaus My call story is different from most people’s. I like to say that while many Christians and pastors have “Damascus road” experiences–while on the road to the wrong place with wrong intentions, suddenly experiencing the power of the risen Christ in blinding light and booming voice–my journey of faith & … Continue reading

Brother Roger (August 16)

Brother Roger at Prayer, 2003 Four years ago today, Christie, Ben, and I got off the airplane in England: our home for a year. As we had lunch with one of my colleagues in our new kitchen just a few days later, Sara shared that Brother Roger, the founder and leader of the Taize Community … Continue reading

Saying More Than One Thing

I was a senior at Rice University, and as I loved my Religious Studies major and had shown a bit of aptitude for it, I and a few other undergrads were invited to participate in a graduate survey/seminar on Biblical Studies with Matthias Henze and Werner Kelber. So with less than 10 students in the … Continue reading