Blogging for Jesus

I missed the weekly #chsocm Twitter chat last night, but (par for the course) I learned greatly just by hearing after the fact from a variety of folks who are blogging. I’ve been a blogger since 2006, but a mediocre one. I’m a case study for Chris Brogan’s points in his Primer for Blogging, especially … Continue reading

Relevance LEAD this week!

I’m doing something new at the end of this week. I’m going to a conference (well, that’s not new) in Las Vegas (well, I drove through on the Interstate once) called Relevance. (That. That’s the new thing!) Relevance LEAD follows the TED model — where current leaders in technology, entertainment, design, and more share brief … Continue reading


We’re on our way to New York for a week. We’ll do some touristy things, not having been to the Big Apple before, but the reason we’re going is for the 2011 Unconference. #unco11 (as it’s known on Twitter) is a gathering of about 70 adults to build IRL community & learn from one another. … Continue reading

iPhone Apps for Clergy

Christie and I have had iPhones (of the 3G variety) for nearly 2 years now, and have come to value their functionality, simplicity, and beauty (even if we also need to join a support group from time to time). And we’re just 2 of the growing number of pastors & church workers — many of … Continue reading


A brief thought today. I’m not the first to say it, but I’m deeply concerned about the incivility and viciousness that electronic communications seem to generate. Whether it’s getting personally attacked in an email, leaving a nastygram masquerading as a blog comment, or igniting a flame war on social networking sites — it is wrong. … Continue reading

UMCOR Haiti avatar

I don’t know if the good folks at UMCOR are gonna appreciate this, but I’ve quickly cobbled together an avatar for use on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to help support United Methodist Committee on Relief’s Haiti efforts. United Methodists have already donated more than a million dollars, and tomorrow’s special offerings will bring much more; I … Continue reading

Ministry, Death, and Making the Words Obey

My conference was breaking for lunch today, and I pulled my iPhone out (the laptop I’d been tweeting on died) to post a Twitter update when this tweet appeared: I was shocked, numb. I had been concerned about Gideon Addington since Sunday when Meredith started wondering where usually active @gideony was. At first we were … Continue reading

HootSuite iPhone app review

I’m a big fan of HootSuite, a browser-based Twitter application with some very nice features. They provide some insightful statistics on their shortlinks, provide the ability to schedule tweets in advance, and provided a lists function before Twitter rolled theirs out. They’ve also recently rolled out the ability to update Facebook and LinkedIn statuses … Continue reading