In Company

On the wall of my study hangs a poster-sized picture of my confirmation class. It’s a game for my church members to come in & try to find sixth-grade-Josh. Not a hard game, actually. I keep it even though I can’t remember everyone’s name—it was a big class, and not everyone was a regular at … Continue reading

What’s a little conspiracy among friends? A Relevance LEAD wrap-up

Lots of folks blogged, tweeted, facebooked, instagrammed, and flickred (pinned, anyone?) their way through Relevance LEAD and Relevance X last weekend, so I won’t rehash every detail. I was fortunate to be on the inside a little; helping to coordinate the social media presence — PR on the cheap — and generally pitching in to … Continue reading

Relevance LEAD this week!

I’m doing something new at the end of this week. I’m going to a conference (well, that’s not new) in Las Vegas (well, I drove through on the Interstate once) called Relevance. (That. That’s the new thing!) Relevance LEAD follows the TED model — where current leaders in technology, entertainment, design, and more share brief … Continue reading

Israel Pilgrimage 2012

I’m in Israel! And I hope you’ll follow along with this trip. Read about it on Facebook, follow me @expatminister or check out real-time tweets from Christie & I by searching for #israhale on Twitter, and read daily reflections over at

Listening in the Locker Room

I had the opportunity to take some Lamar students to Minute Maid Park a few weeks ago for Methodist Night with the Astros. We had a great time with families and friends and got to see a lot of other folks from across our Annual Conference. I bumped into one of our favorite pitchers (now … Continue reading

Toys or Clothes for Christmas?

Here is the sermon I preached this morning at Wesley United Methodist Church, Beaumont TX for College & Young Adult Sunday. The text is from Colossians 3:12-17. There’s a legend in my family about my first Christmas. After all the toys were opened, all I wanted to play with was the orange from my stocking. … Continue reading

Formative Experiences

What experiences shaped you into the pastor/minister/priest/teacher/lay leader you are today? What people, events, courses, or service called you into the ministry of God?