Sleepy Guy

Hate to leave this guy tomorrow. Loads of sleepy cuteness. @NewestHale #halefam

2 Responses to “Sleepy Guy”
  1. Josh, absolutely the best blog I have seen in months ! Of course God’s creations are always so much better than our own aren’t they ? Although you and Mrs. Ex-Pat get much credit, I tend to always give the credit to God when they look this sweet. Enjoy these times, savor them, there will be plenty of time to work, blog, debate, legislate, and save the world when they are teenagers ! Trust me you will be happy to see them ride off to college someday, but savor the sweetness while you can. Be Blessed !

  2. Yes, sleep is tremendously therapeutic for babies and their parents. Especially when coping with being new and having Big Heart issues!

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